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11th Jul

Clayden Financial receives new accreditation from the Personal Finance Society

We are delighted to announce that Clayden Financial Director Martin Cornell has been accredited by the Personal Finance Society with the Pension Transfer Gold Standard.

Financial advice firms who adopt and promote this standard adhere to a set of principles.  As a result you can be confident that you are dealing with an ethical adviser and professional advice firm that has your best interests at heart when receiving financial advice in relation to whether or not you should transfer your pension. This is therefore a fantastic endorsement of Martin and the firm.

The Personal Finance Society is the professional body for the financial advisory profession in the UK, whose role is to promote ethical behaviour, high standards of professionalism for technical knowledge and client service for the ultimate benefit of the profession and consumer alike.  Part of the Chartered Insurance Institute, the world’s largest professional body dedicated to insurance and personal finance, it seeks to ‘secure and justify the confidence of the public’.


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20th Jun

Clayden Financial Informed Summer Newsletter 2019

The swallows are back at Constable Court, so it must be summer!

Informed_Summer 2019_singles

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14th Mar

Clayden Financial Informed Spring Newsletter

This Spring, Clayden Financial will celebrate an important anniversary – the firm’s 25th year of trading!

Informed_Spring 2019_spreads

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06th Dec

Clayden Financial Informed Winter Newsletter

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is nearly upon us!  We’ve had a very busy year and the new financial services regulations have meant more work for our administrators.

Informed_Winter 2018_singles

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26th Oct

Slip into Slippers with Suffolk Age UK update

We really enjoyed the couple of days spent wearing slippers and eating cake in the office – and so did our visitors!  It was made even better by knowing that we were doing it for a very worthy cause – raising £95 for Suffolk Age UK.

Picture shows Leigh Clayden receiving the Platinum Sponsor certificate from Suffolk Age UK’s Lindsay Long.


Suffolk Age UK provides vital services and support for older people in Suffolk.

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18th Oct

Suffolk Age UK and Slip into Slippers!

Clayden Financial is holding a Slip into Slippers event today (Thursday 18.10.) and tomorrow, to raise vital funds for Suffolk Age UK.

So, if you are in the vicinity of Ipswich, why not pop in to our Belstead offices and indulge in some delicious cake and savouries?

The postcode is IP8 3LY.



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21st Sep

Clayden Financial Informed Autumn Newsletter

What an amazing summer we have all enjoyed – almost too much of a good thing! In Belstead, the fields around us were positively scorched.

claydens FINAL

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27th Jul

Clayden Financial becomes Suffolk Age UK Platinum Friend

Clayden Financial has become a Platinum Friend of Suffolk Age UK.  This fantastic charity has been supporting older people in our region for 70 years!

We have participated in Suffolk Age UK fundraising events for some time, but now our involvement with, and support of the charity, will increase.

The charity offers a wealth of general advice and services including advocacy, befriending, dementia services, home help/companionship, house clearance and transport information.


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19th Jul

Informed Summer Newsletter

It has been a busy time with the General Data Protection Regulation which came into force at the end of May.

Final claydens

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22nd Mar

Clayden Financial Informed Spring 2018 Newsletter

After a hard winter, let’s rejoice that the spring is with us and those longer days!

Claydens Final

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30th Nov

Informed Winter 2017 Newsletter

The festive season is nearly upon us once again.  2017 has been a good year for investors in spite of the Brexit negotiations, and clients that have taken risk have been rewarded during 2017.


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06th Oct

Sign up to HM Land Registry’s free Property Alert service to help protect your property from fraud

Those of you with leased or empty properties may not be aware that there is a service designed by the Land Registry – HM Land Registry’s Property Alert – which arranges for you to be emailed should something arise relating to your property.

Do visit the link below to the relevant page on the www.gov.uk website.


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15th Sep

Clayden Financial Autumn 2017 Newsletter

We have had a very busy summer as activity in the pensions market continues to grow following the introduction of flexible retirement options. Clients have appreciated our specialisation in this area.


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13th Jul

Shine Wheelchair Wonders Race has finished and Clayden Financial didn’t win!

One of Clayden Financial’s virtual balloons came 1153rd out of 2640! The charity balloon race, which began on 3rd July, finished on 10th July.

The money raised from the race will support those that use wheelchairs, some from as early as the age of three.  Wheelchairs need to be fit for purpose and need to grow with individuals.  NHS cuts have meant that this often doesn’t happen.  Shine’s Occupational Therapy Service, which is funded entirely through voluntary donations, looks to ensure that children have the best wheelchair to give them a good start in life.  Free advice and support is also offered to families and individuals.


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06th Jul

Summer 2017 Newsletter

We are having such a wonderful summer.  I hope you are all able to enjoy it, perhaps by building sandcastles and eating an ice cream on the beach!


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30th Jun

Clayden Financial is sponsoring three balloons in the Shine Wheelchair Wonders Race

Clayden Financial has sponsored three virtual balloons in this race which is due to start on July 3rd from Dusseldorf (the starting point of this year’s Tour de France, which starts on 1st July). There will be no end location for the balloon race, the balloons can head for anywhere in the world with the virtual wind moving them along! The Shine Balloon Race winners are those whose balloons have traveled furthest in seven days. Balloons are boosted by on-line activity, for example, sharing on Twitter.

The aim of the race is to raise funds to support Shine members that will never walk and are reliant on gaining mobility through the use of a wheelchair from as early as the age of three.

Shine needs to ensure that the wheelchairs provided are fit for purpose as due to stringent NHS funding more and more of their members are finding that their chairs are not being replaced in a time-honoured fashion to “grow” with them. Shine’s Occupational Therapy Service, which is funded entirely through voluntary donations, looks to ensure that this is adhered to and, if necessary, will intervene to ensure children have the best wheelchair to give them a good start in life. They also offer free advice and support to families and individuals on acquiring and using wheelchairs.Shine has many child and adult members who wish to get involved in various sports and require specially adapted wheelchairs in order to compete. Shine – and its supporters – help the individuals and families in raising the funds required to purchase wheelchairs and to realize their dreams.

As an organisation Shine also conducts teenage residential stays where wheelchair-using youngsters can try activities such as abseiling and canoeing. This gives them the confidence and realization that, although they may spend most of their lives in a wheelchair, this need not be a barrier to achieving their full potential and actively taking part in fun events.Throughout members’ lives, Shine offers advice on how to manage wear and tear on various joints as the constant propelling of a manual wheelchair can have long-term physical effects on the body, in particular on elbows and shoulders.Without generous support, the ability of Shine to continue providing these services would prove difficult. Concerned with the environmental impact of real balloon launches, Shine’s races are now virtual, online and interactive while still promoting the cause and raising money.

Shine (previously ASBAH) is Europe’s largest charity dedicated to supporting those living with spina bifida and hydrocephalus.  To find out more click here http://shinevb.co.uk/R/CYSQ.

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06th Apr

Spring 2017 Newsletter

Our front cover is so appropriate, as for the first time since we have been here in Belstead we have a lovely view not of fields with arable crops, but of sheep!


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07th Mar

Money Matters Multiple Helpdesk Surgery, Framlingham Technology Centre, a.m. 23 March

Clayden Financial IFA Karen Last is participating in this Money Matters Multiple Helpdesk Surgery from 9 until 12.30 pm on 23 March.

Company help desks – in addition to Clayden Financial’s – are as follows:

Hugh J Boswell – Chartered Insurance Brokers

MENTA – Business support

Suffolk County Council – External Funding Team, Heritage Coast LEADER Programme (funding)

Ensors Chartered Accountants

Blocks Solicitors

Tracy Ward – Project Management, Consultancy and Training

AMS (Outsourcing) Services Ltd (not available on 23rd March but appointments can be taken for 29th March)

New Anglia Growth Hub – Business support

Barclays Bank

Finance East

Jenny Labbett Computer Services

IP21 – Intellectual Property Consultants

Justin Grainger – Crowd funding

The 15 minute appointments are free of charge and to avoid disappointment it is best to book in advance by calling 01728 726500 or by emailing team@t-centre.co.uk.  There is no restriction on the number of appointments that you can book/attend.



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15th Feb

Update on Shine’s Balloon Race for Carers which began on February 6th and has now finished!

Clayden Financial sponsored three virtual balloons in this race which left from Switzerland on February 6th 2017.  There was no end location for the race, the balloons can head for anywhere in the world with the virtual wind moving them along! The Shine Balloon Race winners are those whose balloon has travelled furthest in seven days.

Having had a great start, our balloons didn’t do that well!  Our three balloons came 2438th, 3180th and 3269th!  Our best effort travelled 655.37 kilometres.  At least they all finished the race!

The aim of the race is to raise funds to support families with babies recently born with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus.

Concerned with the environmental impact of real balloon launches, Shine’s races are now virtual, online and interactive while still promoting the cause and raising money. For a small cost, you can design and back a balloon to travel the furthest in one or more of their races – and be in with a chance of winning a choice of prizes.  Balloons are boosted by on-line activity, for example, sharing on Twitter.

Shine (previously ASBAH) is Europe’s largest charity dedicated to supporting those living with spina bifida and hydrocephalus.  To find out more click here http://shinevb.co.uk/R/CYSQ.


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06th Jan



Answers to the quiz in the Winter issue of Informed

1               Angela Smith                   H

2              Christine McGlone          B

3              Adrian Firth                      G

4              Leigh Clayden                  K

5              Daniel Last                       C

6              Grace Whiley                    I

7              Krystyna Smithers           E

8              Lewis Ufford                     D

9              Sean Parker                      A

10            Shirley Hines                     F and J

Were you right?  In case you don’t know what we look like see below!

Left to right back row

Lewis Ufford, Angela Smith, Grace Whiley, Adrian Firth, Christine McGlone, Shirley Hines, Karen Last, Sean Parker, Krystyna Smithers, Daniel Last

Front left Leigh Clayden, front right Martin Cornell

for website

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21st Dec

The Rough Guide to Business Protection

Legal and General has produced a useful Rough Guide to Business Protection that you may find interesting.  Click the link.




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08th Dec

Second secret postcard event on 18 May 2017 in aid of Action Medical Research

Clayden Financial is proud to be co-sponsoring this event for the second occasion.  The similar event last year raised over £10,700 for Action Medical Research, the marvellous charity working tirelessly to save and change children’s lives for the better.  Do visit their website – www.action.org.uk.

Last year 200 postcards were on display by both amateur artists and well-known personalities including Grayson Perry, Maggi Hambling, Tony Hadley, Esther Freud, Peter James, Dame Ellen Macarthur and Anneka Rice.

The organisers are looking for professional and amateur artists, students, photographers and celebrities to create a piece of 8″ x 6″ artwork on a postcard provided by the organisers.  The theme for 2017 is “Childhood Dreams and Wishes”.  Raffle prizes and unusual auction lots would also be very welcome.

If you can help in any way do contact our lady IFA Karen Last by email at karen.last@claydens.com.

You can view a video of the 2015 event by clicking here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOFU2eBwD-k.



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30th Nov

Winter 2016 Newsletter

It’s been an interesting and volatile year both politically and financially following Brexit and the presidential election.



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06th Oct

Age UK Slip into Slippers! Friday 21st October

Join Leigh Clayden and the rest of Clayden Financial’s staff in wearing your comfy slippers for the day on Friday 21st October!  Donate £1 for the privilege and maybe bake and charge for delicious cakes to raise valuable funds for Suffolk Age UK.

If you would like to take part or would like further details, email fundraising@ageuksuffolk.org.uk or call 01473 359911.




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08th Sep

Autumn 2016 Newsletter

It’s been a busy summer and we eventually had some lovely sunny weather.  We hope you like the front cover showing all of us at Clayden Financial with the new banner for use at events.



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07th Jul

Brexit Update

Brexit Update – as your financial advisers we have spent the past three working days being bombarded by more and more analysis from ‘experts’ who clearly weren’t telling anyone what they knew (we doubt they knew more than anyone else actually). Having sifted through a considerable amount of this data we have completed an initial review of our portfolios now that the vote has seen the ‘leave’ campaign succeeding.

Whilst the early reaction from many quarters suggests that more political bickering is likely with the Prime Minister resigning and the pressure on Jeremy Corbyn to step down, there is currently little planning in terms of how the ‘leave’ team will be looking to manage this transition. With a political vacuum at Westminster and the journey to the EU exit door only just beginning we are more interested in the facts that we can understand on behalf of our clients, rather than the rumour that we can’t.

As there is so much of our future that is yet to be articulated we feel reassured that within our portfolios the underlying fund managers had already assessed their positions prior to the vote taking place. Where they felt it was appropriate they had either placed hedging transactions or adjusted their portfolios to match their views on the economic situation. The way we construct the portfolios allows us to access a range of manager views and investment styles. As each manager has a different view (depending on what their fund is designed to invest in) this can be a significant advantage to our portfolios: diversification in the form of the underlying assets.

Of course, we are not suggesting that a new bull market in financial assets is about to begin, however there will always be opportunities for those with the patience to sit through a period of turmoil. The diversification in our portfolios will, we hope, offer our clients some stability in values whilst this process is being worked through. In the near term we would urge clients to understand that markets often know little more than anyone else and they can often give investors a signal to sell at the wrong time.

We can’t guarantee protection of investor capital but we believe that our portfolio managers have cash in their funds which can be put to good use whilst markets are volatile. This is often when the best future returns are made for you. To echo the sentiment of a famous investor (Warren Buffett) an investor should be ‘fearful when others are greedy’ and ‘greedy when others are fearful’.

At this stage, therefore, we will be maintaining our current portfolio asset allocations and keeping them under regular review as the landscape changes in the coming weeks. We do recognise that each client will have different requirements now and into the future,  so should you need to review your own circumstance please do contact us and we will be happy to review and make adjustments where appropriate.

Clayden Financial would like to thank you for your ongoing support at this challenging time.

Best wishes for now, we will keep you updated as events unfold.

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07th Jun

Informed Clayden Financial Summer 2016 Newsletter

The spring has been a very busy time, with the end of the tax year and clients continuing to review their pension arrangements. Our business continues to thrive….



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13th May

Golfers raise over £6,200 for local older people’s charity Suffolk Age UK

Clayden Financial’s Leigh Clayden and Martin Cornell participated in this event which saw 23 teams of local golfers, of all ages and abilities, take to the course at Ufford Park recently in support of local independent charity, Suffolk Age UK.  A regular event in the charity’s fundraising calendar, this year saw a full line-up, with regular supporters alongside many new teams.

The event was supported by Basepoint Ipswich as overall sponsors who selected Suffolk Age UK as their charity of choice for 2015-16, local party experts Let’s Party and Ufford Park Hotel, Golf & Spa.

Teams from local golf clubs and businesses enjoyed a breakfast, great golf, competitions, and dinner, followed by an auction, raffle and prize-giving supporting the charity.  Just over £6,200 was raised – all of which will go towards continued support of core services such as befriending, information and advice, benefits advice and attendance at a lunch or memory group – linking into the charity’s 2016 campaign “There’s More To Me”.

As always, there was a competitive side to the day, with trophies going to Gloria Rockliff and Matthew Stacey for the individual prizes, and Fynn’s Favourite Fore taking the prize for the Team competition.

Jo Reeder, Fundraiser for Suffolk Age UK said “We were delighted with the support for this year’s golf day, which saw us “sell out” with more teams than ever before.  This has enabled us to raise much needed funds to directly support older people in Suffolk, enabling them to feel valued, protected and supported in their later years”.


(left to right) Clayden Financial’s Martin Cornell, Ian Beard of Prettys Solicitors, Clayden’s client Peter Steward and

Jerry Norman of Prettys


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23rd Mar

Informed Clayden Financial Spring 2016 Newsletter

The last quarter has been very busy for Clayden Financial with the pension changes and the end of the tax year, but we are all looking forward to the weather getting warmer and those lighter evenings!


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