Under 14s boys’ rugby team sponsorship

September 9, 2021 12:44 pm

Clayden’s is a proud sponsor of the Stowmarket under 14’s boys’ rugby team.  Lewis Offord’s partner Meg’s son Bonham plays as one of the forwards on the team, the Open side Flanker.  The firm’s sponsorship has enabled them to acquire a new set of training shirts and game shirts, and post-match ties.

Every year their team has gone on tour; the team plays all over Suffolk and on the Norfolk / Essex borders.  Unfortunately, last year’s tour had to be cancelled, but on their most recent tour the boys were thrilled to play a game during half-time, as well as being pre-match flag bearers at a nationally televised Saracens’ match in London.

We wish them well for the current season.

Boys Rugby kit