The breakdown of a relationship is a very stressful and unsettling time. It is particularly difficult if your ex-partner has always taken care of the family finances. There are many financial areas that need proper thought and consideration, as the following list of what you may need to consider will illustrate:

Where will you live? Do you need a mortgage?

Do you have debts to consolidate as part of the divorce process?

Do you need a new bank savings or current account?

What should you do with any pension funds that the court awards you?

What protection policies do you have now e.g. life cover, income protection, accident/illness cover? What will you need in the future?

(It is recommended that you do not cancel any existing arrangements until you have taken independent financial advice to ensure it is in your best interests to do so.)

Do you need to cash in investments? Are there any tax implications to consider?

Do you run a family business with your ex-partner? What are the financial implications of any proposed changes?

How will you ensure that your maintenance payments continue if your ex-partner is ill, out of work or sadly passes away?

Our advisers will build a complete picture of your financial situation and advise you accordingly. We cannot emphasise how important it is to take experienced, impartial advice at this critical time. It could affect the rest of your life.

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