We can give advice on ways of reducing a person’s inheritance tax liability. Advice will involve the subject of outright gifts using a person’s annual exemptions and investments into Trust funds. For couples we can also arrange joint life, second death insurance plans to provide the funds to meet the tax on their estate.

We have specialists who can give you advice on reducing inheritance tax payable in the event of your death. Under current legislation you have a personal inheritance allowance of £325,000 but any assets you have above this figure can be taxed at 40% on death.

With careful planning Clayden Financial can assist you in mitigating this tax by the use of Trusts, Specialist Investments, utilising Business Property Relief, advice on Gifting to name but a few. We have assisted many clients in reducing their inheritance tax liability or have arranged life assurance so that an insurance company will pay the tax rather than see their hard earned assets used to meet this liability.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate taxation and trust advice.

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