January 6, 2017 10:50 am


Answers to the quiz in the Winter issue of Informed

1               Angela Smith                   H

2              Christine McGlone          B

3              Adrian Firth                      G

4              Leigh Clayden                  K

5              Daniel Last                       C

6              Grace Whiley                    I

7              Krystyna Smithers           E

8              Lewis Ufford                     D

9              Sean Parker                      A

10            Shirley Hines                     F and J

Were you right?  In case you don’t know what we look like see below!

Left to right back row

Lewis Ufford, Angela Smith, Grace Whiley, Adrian Firth, Christine McGlone, Shirley Hines, Karen Last, Sean Parker, Krystyna Smithers, Daniel Last

Front left Leigh Clayden, front right Martin Cornell

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