Shine Health Advisers’ Virtual Balloon Race – the result!

August 11, 2016 3:23 pm

Shine Health Advisers’ Virtual Balloon Race – Clayden Financial paid for two balloons.  Concerned with the environmental impact of real balloon launches, Shine’s races are now virtual, online and interactive while still promoting the cause and raising money. For a small cost, you can design and back a balloon to travel the furthest in one or more of their races – and be in with a chance of winning a choice of prizes!  Balloons are boosted by on-line activity, for example, sharing on Twitter.

Funds raised from the Shine charity’s virtual balloon races help and support people living with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus.

Unfortunately, our balloons didn’t come close to winning.  Clayden Financial 1 came 1979th (having travelled 672.57 km) and our second balloon came 2119th.  2204 balloons took part.

To sustain life saving and life changing Health Services costs the Shine charity over £180,000 a year, all of which is raised through voluntary sources – Shine’s balloon races make a significant contribution to this every year.

The sponsoring of balloons ensures that Shine is able to continue providing the services and support to children and their families when they are needed most.

Shine’s Health Advisers play an invaluable part in the lives of Shine’s 12,000 members nationally.

Babies born with spina bifida are often very sick when they are first born and the first days at home can be very stressful for parents. Shine’s Health Advisers call on their many years of experience in dealing with families in this situation to re-assure the new parents and “teach” them best practices when looking after their newborn child. The support and comfort they provide is immeasurable as their child will often go through multiple surgical procedures during the first year, something their Health Advisers have experienced on many occasions. They are on hand whenever the parents need them and can provide a lifeline through situations that would otherwise be intolerable.