Impacts of climate change – BLOG – Adrian Firth

May 3, 2023 12:29 pm

Nearly two-thirds of people in the UK more concerned

The impacts of climate change have been increasingly felt around the world in recent years.
Governments, businesses and citizens alike are urged to take steps to reduce their environmental
impact. The reality is that climate change is a threat to human wellbeing and the health of the

Recent weather events, such as heatwaves, floods and fires this year, have made nearly two-thirds
(60%) of people in the UK more concerned about climate change. A further 59% are also worried
about weather reports from other countries, including in Australia and America, according to new

Renewable energy sources

The good news is that green investments and pensions have grown in popularity over recent years
as more people become aware of the climate crisis and its implications. These initiatives allow
investors to allocate their capital into sustainable funds, which support businesses and projects
that promote a cleaner environment and renewable energy.

Such steps could include investing in renewable energy sources, reducing single-use plastics
usage or becoming more mindful of energy consumption. It is not too late to make a positive
impact. If we all work together and take steps to reduce our emissions, we can help ensure that
future generations will be able to live in a world where the effects of climate change are properly
managed and minimised.

UN climate summit

Two out of five (42%) people have said that the UN climate summits have made an impact on their
climate change concerns – and 40% said that having children and grandchildren has made them
worried about climate change.

This has spurred many to take action and live more sustainably in the last 12 months. Most popular
planned changes include reducing plastic usage (71%), shopping locally (62%), driving less (53%)
or buying an electric or hybrid vehicle (32%), and consuming less meat and dairy (49%).

Cost-saving measures

However, the cost of living crisis is making it difficult for people in the UK to take action on climate
change. The majority (65%) are concerned about the cost of living and a third (34%) are
understandably now more concerned with their energy bills as opposed to living sustainably.
Many people are taking cost-saving measures this winter. Shockingly, 12% are even anticipating
skipping meals. Sustainability is unlikely to be the priority with almost four in ten (38%) thinking that
it’s too expensive to live more sustainably.

Doing your part to help the planet

By investing in such initiatives, individuals can not only do their part to help the planet but also
benefit from potential returns on their investments, depending on market conditions. If you would
like to discuss your options, please contact us.
Source data:
[1] Royal London surveyed 2,000 nationally representative UK adults aged over 18. Research was
carried out byOpinium between 14–18 October 2022.